Why Women’s Golf Shoes Are Important

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Selecting the right pair of women’s golf shoes is important if you want to be both comfortable and confident out on the course. Great shoes disappear from your mind when you’re playing, but bad shoes are distracting and even painful.

So whether playing 9 holes or a full 18, walking or even taking the cart, the right golf shoes are essential to maintain poise and focus on each shot. And because each shot matters, it’s worth it to invest the time and effort, and often money, to finding the right pair of shoes for you, or the woman you are shopping for.

Fit is an important aspect of getting the right shoes. Shoes that fit right will be neither loose nor constricting, but snug and well-fitted to the foot. You should feel secure and comfortable. There is no rule of exactly what makes a shoe meet these criteria. Just make sure you try on enough that you can tell what works and what doesn’t. Don’t just get the first pair you find.

If a shoe feels stiff and rubs against your foot in the store, don’t buy it. “Breaking in” women’s golf shoes is not a good idea, as it will likely be painful and end in blisters. Get shoes that feel good from the start.

Another important aspect to consider when purchasing women’s golf shoes is the type of shoe, regards to the sole. In the past, classic golf shoes came equipped with very thin metal spikes on the bottom. This was to secure the golfer’s foot to the ground for optimum traction and stability when swinging.

However, many modern golf courses now have policies against metal spike golf shoes. Gentler, shorter spikes made of rubber are now widely in production, and are often the preference of golf courses all over the world. Look for this style of shoe to be safe, or if you prefer metal spikes, contact the course ahead of time to ensure that you are compliant with their rules.

Still, at many other courses, the opposite of spiked shoes, tennis shoes, are not allowed. Whether for style or treatment of the grass, this is just the rule. This means that some women’s golf shoes, even if they are officially golf shoes with rubber spikes, may look enough like tennis shoes that the golfer would be self-conscious or made to feel scrutinized on the course.

The safest bet, then, is to get shoes that have short rubber spikes but are also designed in a classic, golf course-appropriate style. Whether saddle shoes or wingtips, there are plenty of shoes available that meet the style and sole criteria but also provide comfort to the wearer. With quality golf shoes, you’re in better shape to feel better, look better, and most importantly — play better.