The Medicus Driver Can Improve Your Golf Swing

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Claims by Medicus Golf that their dual hinge, which is present on the Medicus Driver, will give instant feedback on a bad swing are true.  This is the best swing trainer in the world, and here is why.  Once the golfer learns to swing this driver without breaking it down at the hinges, he knows his swing is on plane and in cadence.  Now the golfer is well on his way to removing hooks and slices, as well as producing longer, more precise shots again and again.

The head of this club is heavy, and because of this the swing also feels heavy.  Expecting it to break pretty well guarantees that it will, but then a few systematic swings reinforces confidence and the expected disasters begin to disappear.  After this routine, pick up a normal driver.  It feels light, easy and somehow the previous swing mistakes are fewer.

The Medicus Driver is fashioned to break when swing defects are discovered; these can occur in six different parts of the golf swing.  First, it might break on the backswing about a foot above the ball.  The club should be taken back with arms and shoulders but with no wrist twist.  Once the golfer learns to take the club back slowly and at a low plane, his game should begin to improve.

The second break will probably occur during the backswing when the club head is waist high.  If the toe of the club is not pointing up, the club will unhinge.  Also, if the swing is too flat or if it is too far over the top, the club will also break down.

Break three will occur at the top of the backswing.  Break three can also be near the top of said swing.  This happens when the club face is not square.

Break four is at the start of the down swing.  This happens because the golfer stops his wrist too fast causing the club to unhinge.  This can also happen if the arms are not close enough to the body.

The fifth break point is at contact.  The cause is that the golfer sways moving his weight backward.  If he is too far behind the ball at impact, the club will break.

And finally, the Medicus Driver will become unbalanced on the follow through if it does not stay on plane.  A flat follow through can be responsible for this.

So, here is a training aid that immediately recognizes the flaws in a golfer’s swing.  Not only does it break down at a flaw, it assists in correcting the mistake when it does not unhinge.  By repeating the swing without the break, muscle memory is developed and the perfect swing can be repeated again and again.