The Best Golf Gloves

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Golf gloves are an essential piece of golf clothing. A golf glove is generally worn on your leading hand, which means the hand on top of the club. A glove provides grip to keep the club from slipping out of your hand. It also increases your control of the club because of better traction and stops the club from twisting during your swing. It also protects you from blisters. Try playing 18 holes without a golf glove, and you’ll be sure to wear one your next time on the course!

There are four main categories of gloves:
(1) The all-leather glove is usually more expensive and is soft and comfortable, while offering a subtle grip on the golf club.

(2) The leather-synthetic mix glove is made from a synthetic material with leather on the palm and inside of the fingers. This glove is easier on the budget and is weather resistant, and the flexible fabric can be more comfortable than leather. However, synthetic gloves do not breathe as well as leather gloves and may cause your hand to sweat more.

(3) All weather golfing gloves are totally synthetic and provide a good grip in all types of weather.

(4) Lastly, there are winter golf gloves for additional warmth during the coldest months.

There are many brands of golf gloves to choose from, such as FootJoy, TaylorMade, Mizuno Golf, Nike Golf and others. The brand and type of glove is really a personal choice. The most important factor is to make sure the glove fits correctly. In order to do this, make a fist with the glove on your hand. If you can move your fingers comfortably without it feeling too tight or too loose, then it’s a good fit.

Your glove should be replaced as soon as a hole begins to form. If your gloves wear out quickly, your grip may be the problem. According to Patrick Livingston and Jim Linkin, “Most gloves wear out because the club either rides too high up in the palm crease of our left hand or we are holding the club too far out on the end. Both scenarios cause friction and will wear holes in your glove.” So if you need to replace your gloves frequently, you may want to work on your grip, which will not only extend the life of your glove, but will most likely also help your golf game.