Taylormade Putters

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TaylorMade produce some of the most visually appealing putters around such as the TaylorMade Monza spider Putter, the TaylorMade Tourismo and many more. We know looks aren’t everything, but then TaylorMade have thought of that too. Each of their putters features some of the latest putter technology around and they have thought of some great names for them too.

The new 2010 TaylorMade Putter Range has now been released and with names like Fontana 7 Putter and Monte Carlo 7 Putter you know that these putters and built with the same sophisticated and style that their names have. The new Core Classic range of putters for 2010 from TaylorMade. Classic shaped putters have a modern technology for superior feel and control over your swing. This is said to be again another success on the green from TaylorMade!

When you first get the green you need to study where you ball is laying and how far it is away for the hole. There are three main factors which you need to be aware of that will affect your shot, these are speed, run and slope. Studying these factors will help you visualise the line you want to hit the ball down. First start by crouching behind the ball and understand the layout of the green, determine the correct path you want to take to the hole. Make sure you take some time walking from your ball to the hole and back to indicate the correct direction you need to play the shot. This will also identify what (if any) obstacles lie between the hole and ball. Using your TaylorMade putter to estimate help line up your shot can be a winning move.

Your putter is one of the most used clubs in your bag so it’s essential a lot of thought goes into to purchasing the right putter for you. Getting the right putter could mean the difference between winning and losing a game of golf.

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