Australians Millar, Barnes and Kulacz earn Open places at IFQ

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Australians Matt Millar, Kurt Barnes and Rick Kulacz have earned their places in the 2011 Open Championship at Royal St George’s, following 36 holes of International Final Qualifying Australasia at Kingston Heath Golf Club, today.

Despite a bogey-bogey finish on the 7,062-yard (6,455-metre), par-72 Melbourne Sandbelt course, Millar’s 10-under-par total of 134 left him clear at the top of the leaderboard; the 34-year-old securing his first appearance in a Major Championship. Barnes finished one stroke back on nine under par after two rounds with his Mizuno MP-68 Irons.

The third and final Open berth was settled by a play-off between Stephen Leaney and Rick Kulacz, after both finished on eight under par. Both parred the first extra hole, but Kulacz prevailed on the second, after Leaney missed his putt for par. Like Millar, 25-year-old Kulacz will be making his Major Championship debut at Sandwich in July.

For Canberra’s Millar, the result crowns a memorable week in which his wife gave birth to their second child, Charlotte.

“My wife gave birth on Wednesday so I haven’t had a chance to play much golf and practice, so maybe that’s the secret for me,” he explained. “I can’t wait. This has been a goal I set this year and it’s good to achieve one, so now I can move on to the next one.

“I’ve played a bit of golf over in Britain when I was on Tour but never at Royal St George’s, so I’m really looking forward to the experience.”

Barnes, 29, ensures his second Open start in as many years, and the New South Welshman is determined to learn from the lessons of his 2010 experience.

 “Kingston Heath has really suited my game over the last couple of years, I put in some hard work and it’s really paying off,” said Barnes. “It’s great. It was my aim to qualify and to put in some hard yards this year, so I can get over there and play well and make the most of the opportunity.”

The third of the qualifiers, Kulacz, was thrilled with the result, particularly as he has not been playing his best golf of late.

“I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be on the first tee of the play-off, but I have been battling hooks, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d hit it 70 metres left,” he said.

“My first Major; it’s going to be great. An Australian has won there before, so I’m really looking forward to what it’s all about.”

The next International Final Qualifying event of 2011 takes place in Africa on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 January at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club.

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Golf Swing Tips Video Article

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Several reasons people can’t successfully play golf is due to what’s between their ears. The expression “paralysis by analysis” is especially true with golfers.

Think about it to get a second, you have mad and also you view a tree after hitting a negative shot, then you definitely check out walk to the tree and plant your right foot (assuming you’re right handed). You then twist your system back and to your right and then uncoil your system back around left current most effective movement you wrap the club round the tree in total frustration.

A success within the golf lies in swinging the club constantly for completing 18 holes. No one is the master, but practice forces you to swing better and enhance your game. The theory behind swinging a ball really is easy, but once you put the hands on the club you see the complexity of swing. Unless you swing better you can not take part in the golf better.

In order to become master in golf, the hot button is to get down your swing in a perfect manner. A fairly easy swing action has four swing planes: the backswing, the downswing, the follow-through and also the finishing. A great and ideal swing revolves around the appropriateness of such four swing planes.

A great way that we found to improve my driving distance was through weight training. Now I am not saying discussing exploring gym and pumping iron. Some time ago I purchased a swing weight. I actually bought for my spouse to assist her, but I started deploying it too.

I figured who’s would allow us loosen up our swing before heading out to the first tee. (Lots of the courses we play don’t have a driving range). The body weight did the secret. Within 15 or 20 swings, I was prepared to tee off.

After i go to the course, I carry my golf weight in my bag so i could heat up before teeing off. Perform some stretches to acquire your muscles loosened up. Then run through the routine above and you will be all set to go.

Add remarkable length to each and every generate along with reduce your handicap by simply approximately twelve shots while using only teaching system which may assist nearly every golf player break 70.

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Youth Golf Club Sets You Can Buy

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Golf nowadays is being played by  a lot of people with different ages. You need to realize that it has reached almost all sectors of the society. Kids nowadays dream of becoming the next Tiger Woods and play golf in different golf courses across the globe. A long time ago, young individuals found it hard to play golf since golf clubs were made for adults only. Those kids who would want to play golf during those times had to cut golf clubs so that they will have those that will fit them. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers create youth golf clubs that will  be good for young players. In choosing the right youth golf club set, there are some tips that you need to keep in your mind for you to be guided well. Get the best junior golf sets.


The first thing that you need to do is to measure the possible length of the golf clubs that would fit him the most. In order to do it, place the child in standing position. Get a tape measure and measure from the ground up to the waist. This will be the estimated distance of the golf club that will match his height. You have to consider junior golf drivers.


The internet has become so helpful nowadays. You can have anything that you would want by just clicking the mouse of your personal computer. Online shops are everywhere. There are a lot of choices that you have if you will browse some of the shops online. One thing that you need to do is to browse various sites that sell golf clubs and look into golf clubs that will fit young individuals.


In order for you to save money with the golf clubs that you will buy, you need to look into used golf clubs that are available in the market. One thing that you need to remember is that you have to be careful in choosing the ones that are not heavily used. Ask someone to accompany you in choosing among the used golf clubs. A person knowledgeable will certainly be of big help for you.


One of the best things that you need to do is to take him to the store and let him try out some of the best golf clubs that they sell. It is best that he will be able to try the golf clubs so that you will find the one in which he is comfortable with.


Some of these golf clubs can become very expensive. You need to set the budget for the golf clubs that you will buy if you do not want to go beyond what you can just afford. It is also a good way to narrow down the choices that you have.

There are some tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to buy a youth golf club set that would fit you the most. The tips mentioned will certainly be of big help for you. Make sure that you keep them in mind so that you will be guided well.




Females Golf sets – The gender chart?

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Women’s golf clubs can mean sometimes of certain things. It might make reference to golf clubs built for ladies, normally using a light weight along with a greater clubface, according to the playing style of the feminine golf player. It can be number of speech, exactly where women may use men’s golf clubs, playing with another way. Everything is determined by how much participate in the female golf enthusiast. So let’s require a take a step back as well as move from the commencing.

First could be the deciding on of the clubs. A new driver established contains four main varieties. You’ve got your own forest pertaining to operating the particular golf ball at great distance, you’ve got your own golf irons regarding substantial arching shots, you have the chippers to have the golf ball inside natural, and you have your own putters for going the ball in the hole. Versions include pitching wedges, which can be irons that allow for increased arching photographs. Even chippers are generally high-arching versions associated with putters.

If you are a rookie, it is usually better if you ought to try to choose the golf equipment professionally at a community keep where one can consider using a handful of air shifts. Without any knowledge regarding golf equipment or for those who have by no means placed one inch you just before, usually do not make an effort to invest in everything on the web. Make without doubt along the callaway x-24 hot irons is definitely best for you. The body weight of the membership can be a distant subsequent when it comes to what you need to look closely at. While you go more into the game, there are out on your own if you wish to move to your bulkier or perhaps lighter in weight club. Women typically use brighter clubs — especially novices — but it is your responsibility, truly.

Your golf swing approach may favor possibly precision or power. Depending on the club that you apply, it is possible to slim toward boosting possibly facet. Heavier golf clubs may develop power by themselves while you give attention to becoming exact. Lighter night clubs may be precise if you love that will put a lot more force on your own swing.

Females typically favor lighter in weight clubs on account of them becoming a lot more normally correct. Lighter in weight golf clubs allowed them to drive far more pressure while keeping power over the actual downswing. They are able to employ hardwoods in place of iron regarding extended selection shots, as an illustration. Regarding sophisticated golf players, nevertheless, could golf sets is most likely the identical to those that males employ. It’s all about knowing your self and also buying the particular night clubs that would work best in your case. When you can prosper through an metal through correct pictures, there is no requirement for one to be satisfied with any timber.



Golf Country Clubs guide

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In your early days as a golfer, you probably won’t play much at country clubs. But if you do play at a country club, don’t panic. You’re still playing golf; it’s just that the “goal posts” have been shifted slightly.

To avoid committing any social faux pas, remember a few formalities:

Before you leave home, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes. A sweat shirt announcing you as an avid follower of the Chicago Bulls or those cool (in your mind, anyway) cutoff jeans won’t work in this environment. Wear a shirt with a collar and, if shorts are allowed, go for the tailored variety that stops just short of your knees. Short shorts are a no-no at most country clubs. In the fall and winter, slacks are acceptable for women. In the summer, shorts cut just above the knees are fine.

Get good directions to your destination. It won’t do your heart rate or your golf game any good to have a stressful journey full of wrong turns.

Time your arrival so that you have just an hour to spare before you tee off. When you drive your car up the road toward the clubhouse, don’t make the simple mistake of turning sharply into the parking lot. Go right up to the clubhouse. Look for a sign that reads “BAG DROP.” A person will no doubt be waiting to greet you. Acknowledge his cheery hello as if this is something you do every day. Tell him who you’re playing with — your host. Then get out of your car, pop the trunk, remove your spikes and hand him your keys. Tip him a few bucks (or a $ 5 bill at a fancy club like Trump International), and stroll into the clubhouse.Don’t worry about your car or your clubs. The car will be parked for you, and the clubs will either be loaded onto a cart or handed to a caddie.

When you’re inside the clubhouse, head for the locker room. Drop your street shoes off next to your host’s locker and then ask for directions to the bar, or to wherever your host is waiting. Don’t offer to buy your host a drink. First, he or she is the host. And second, you probably won’t be able to buy anything anyway. Your host will most likely sign the tab and be billed at the end of the month. (The only place where your cash/plastic will be accepted is the pro shop. The pro will sell you anything, but take my advice: Skip the purchase of that neat-looking shirt with the club logo on it. Every time you wear it, people will assume you’re a member there. The questions will soon get old.)

If you have a caddie, remember that he or she is there to help you. Trust your caddie’s advice — he or she knows the course better than you do. Caddie fees at fancy clubs average about $ 50, which is added to your greens fee. You should tip your caddie half the caddie fee at the end of the round, so that’s another $ 25. (Savvy golfers sometimes tip the caddie master before a round — slipping him a $ 10 bill can get you the best caddie he’s got.)



Pride Lift Chair

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A Pride lift chair is ideal for those requiring assistance when standing or lowering to a seated position. With a full range of contemporary designs and a large selection of eye-catching fabrics, every Pride Riser Chair is engineered for high quality and long lasting durability. They are easy to operate and with just a push of a button you can stand or recline simply and smoothly.

Every Pride Lift Chair is subjected to extensive factory testing to ensure outstanding reliability and is backed by comprehensive warranties including a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a power lift chair are as follows:

o Engineered furniture grade laminate/hardwood frame
o Quiet & smooth lift system
o Heavy-duty lift actuator & scissor mechanism
o Standard head & arm covers
o Fire retardant
o Standard, large dual pockets
o Removable back – no tools required
o 375 lbs. weight capacity on CL-20 & CL-30;
o 325 lbs. weight capacity on CL-10 & CL-15
o Integrated battery backup in case of power failure
o Transformer features self-diagnostic electronics with a 12′ cord

Pride offers four unique collections to choose from:

The Pride Elegance Collection Lift Recliner is designed to provide the ultimate in lift chair comfort, style and performance. This collection is available in several beautiful fabrics and styles to fit any decor. The state-of-the-art lift system utilized in Pride Elegance Lift Chairs will recline further back than any other lift chair, providing wonderful sleeping relaxation.

The Pride Heritage Collection Lift Chair offers an array of plush fabrics to fit any decor and a superior design that provides exceptional strength. These riser chairs deliver style and durability that will last for years to come. Plus, the Pride Heritage Collection offers numerous standard features, superb comfort, and quiet and smooth performance, all at a great value.

Pride’s Classic Collection delivers superb value and excellent comfort with features like an innovative arm design and overstuffed fiber-filled back. In addition, the Classic Lift Recliners feature quiet and smooth operation and stylish designs to add to any home decor.

Pride’s Specialty Collection offers a selection of lift chairs with truly distinctive options and features ranging from enhanced dimensions to infinite positioning and much more. The high quality Specialty Collection delivers exceptional style and comfort with every innovative and unique model. {youtube|100|campaign}


It’s Time to Use Exercises For Golf Success

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Just spend some time on The Golf Channel, and watch the films of the U.S. Open or the Masters back in the 60’s and 70’s. You will see a big difference between the golfers of yesteryear and the golfers of today. First of all, a lot of them are actually smoking! Secondly, many of them are overweight or bear no resemblance to athletes, whatsoever. The golfer of today, with few exceptions (John Daly!), are fitter, trimmer, leaner, and are considerably more muscular. Exercises for golf are part of every professional golfer’s life.

Exercises for golf are not just important for professional golfers who are out on tour. In fact, they may be even more important for the casual, weekend golfer whose fitness level is lacking. But, be careful, there are a lot of personal trainers out there, working in your gym or golf club, that want to sell you on exercises for golf that are not appropriate for you.

Most people don’t think of golf as a “real” sport, and as such, they don’t equate fitness, strength, flexibility, and stamina with a controlled, long golf swing. But, it’s no secret that when a baseball or basketball player picks up golf, although they may not hit reliably, they can hit it far longer than the average golfer. This is, quite simply, because they are very strong.

You can be strong, too, and that is what is needed to be a successful, or at least a competent golfer for a lifetime. By adding strength to your upper body, you can swing the club faster, and thus see longer drives on a regular basis. By increasing the strength in your quadriceps, you can free your knees and ankles from taking the brunt of the load, and by increasing your flexibility, you will see more turn in your swing.



Golf Club Clones

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1) What is a Clone Club?
Golf club clones resemble pro line clubs in almost every way. Golf club clones are made from the same high-quality materials that pro line clubs are, and often in the same foundries.
Clone clubs follow the new design concepts of the major brand names but at much lower costs and pass over the saving to the golfer. Custom Built Clone Clubs are anyway using the same shafts and grips like the brand names at same or similar performance but lower prices offering better value.
This means that Clone Clubs not only look like pro line clubs, and feel like pro line clubs, but also perform like pro line clubs.

2) Why do Clone Clubs cost so much less?
a) Price Advantage: Often clone golf clubs cost hundreds of dollars less than the name brands. Clone clubs are often offered online by smaller custom club builders. Online sales are factory direct without overhead costs of a traditional brick and mortar retailers. Because clone golf companies do not have large ad campaigns, high-cost sponsorships, and excessive marketing budgets, clone companies do not need to inflate club prices to cover those expenditures. The savings comes back to the golfer.
b) Custom Built Clubs: Pro line clubs are sold off the rack, i.e. are not fitted to the golfers individual needs. Custom golf clubs are often customized to the players individual specifications.

3) Why choose Clone Clubs over name brands?
a) Pro line clubs are not fitted for the golfer or their game, but clone golf clubs can be customized to meet your individual needs. We are all individuals and golfers are coming in all kind of sizes and shapes. Why shall your club come off the assembly line if your swing did not come off the assembly line? Taller golfers need longer clubs. Golfer with slower swing speed and senior golfers need a light weight shaft with a softer tip section to get the ball easier airborne. Most average golfers need a driver with higher lofts than offered as ready made clubs in big box stores.
The advantage of custom built clubs is that they are custom fitted to your individual needs. You don’t want to have your body adjust to the golf club sets. Custom made clubs aid especially average and high handicapped golfers who have the most to gain because game improvements can be immediately realized. The easiest way to lower your golf scores is to fit your clubs to your swing speed and physical body measurements. {youtube|100|campaign}


Wilson Golf Clubs

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Wilson has been a company that has offered affordable sports products for many years.

When it comes to golf, the Wilson brand has been looked at as something for the very beginning golfers or younger golfers just starting the game. With the emergence of a few very popular PGA Tour pro golfers using Wilson equipment, things have changed a bit.

Wilson golf clubs now offer high quality, tour caliber equipment, but have maintained their affordable prices to meet the needs of the average golfer. They have a new line of woods, irons, hybrids, putters and golf balls that can keep up with the more premium brands that have been on the market for many years.

Because of their rich history, Wilson golf clubs do offer a quality product that is targeted at the average golfer. Today there is so much competition for golf equipment, and Wilson has definitely found their niche.

Their new driver offers all of the same features of the more expensive brands at an affordable price. With many tour professionals using their equipment, they have also gained more respect among the golf community.

The new irons offered by Wilson golf clubs come in five different varieties. They truly have made a set of irons to meet the needs of any golfer. The forged irons are made for the highly skilled player that wants something similar to what the tour pros would be using.

They also have some performance, distance, and control irons that are intended to improve the game of the average golfer. While the irons themselves won’t make a person a better golfer, they can help control shots, get better ball flight and have more chances at making pars and birdies.

If you have been playing golf for a few years and are ready to step up to a new set of clubs, but you don’t want to pay the high prices of some of the premium brands, then looking at Wilson golf clubs is a good choice. In addition to the new driver, fairway woods and irons, Wilson has also come out with a new line of putters.

These putters have stepped up to include the latest technology, face inserts and alignment aides. The same tour pros that are using the Wilson woods and irons are putting these putters into their bags. Finding a putter that you have a good feel with is a key component to having a good round. Getting the complete package from Wilson can put quality clubs in your bag at a price that won’t break the bank.



2011 Sony Open: Golf Betting Odds Favor Stricker in Hawaii

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PGA tour betting action on Thursday will start at 12:00pm EST with the 2011 Sony Open in Hawaii odds from the Waialae Country Club in Honolulu. The Sony Open will tee off on January 13th and run through the 16th with a total purse of $ 990,000 USD and will be offering 500 FedExCup points. Ryan Palmer is the defending champion but online sportsbooks have opened with Steve Stricker 8/1, Jim Furyk 11/1 and Ernie Els 12/1 as betting favorites in PGA Tour predictions while Palmer is listed as a betting longshot at 50/1 in 2011 Sony Open odds that can be seen on Sirius XM and the Golf Channel.

Stricker is obviously the betting favorite in PGA tour odds for the Sony Open since finishing in the top five in the past three out of four years. Stricker currently sits in 4th place of the FedExCup with 123-points and $ 286,500 in prize money after finishing tied for fourth at Kapalua and looks to be a safe bet in PGA Tour predictions at 8/1 odds. Jim Furyk is the second choice in 2011 Sony Open odds in Hawaii at 11/1 after finishing in Maui with a 72-70 for a 278-total but started 10-under. Furyk is currently in 9th place of the FedExCup standings with 75-points and $ 162,000 USD after finishing tied for ninth with Jason Day (33/1) at Kapalua last week. Earnie Els is the third choice in PGA Tour predictions at sportsbooks and is the handicapper’s choice to win in 2011 Sony Open odds in Hawaii.

Hard to argue the fact when the South African has won twice with a second place finish at Waialae Country Club in the past eight years. Els couldn’t quite find his putting last week in the Hyundai Tournament of Champions finishing tied for 17th with Tim Clark (33/1) and received 54-points to land him in 16th place of the FedExCup standings with $ 87,000 in prize money. Els ranks a miserable 30th this year in putting average but if he can find the greens and put some rounds together, he could give backers something to cheer about as a 12/1 longshot in Sony Open odds. Other notables that will tee off in Hawaii on Thursday include; Matt Kuchar 16/1 and Adam Scott 18/1 with Robert Allenby and Charles Howell III as 25/1 longshots.

2011 PGA Tour Predictions: Ernie Els 12/1