The New Golf GPS Watch, the Approach S60 by Garmin…

The new Approach S60 GPS launched by Garmin has quite a stylish, sleek and clean design. The black matte colour finish is perfect for wearing on the golf course


and off and with any outfit. 

It also gives it the perfect sport like appearance that you would expect from a sports watch.   

        The round 1.2-inch screen is wide enough to view icons and items clearly. The watch, itself, weighs only 1.8 ounces, very lightweight when worn. Despite its nice, sleek look, it is also quite resistant and would work underwater at up to 165 feet.

      Improvements with the Approach release by Garmin;  Garmin watches are known for their nice interface. The Approach S60 has a very intuitive interface. You obtain colourful course-view mapping and uphill and downhill playslike distance of more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Garmin has upgraded the Autoshot game tracking allowing you to measure shot distances and obtaining post-match analysis updates.  

   Other improvements introduced by Garmin in the Approach S60 Golf GPS watch include an improved display that is sunlight-readable and a higher resolution. With the interactive interface, you can obtain relevant information about your shots. It records the shots and the distance. Introduced also is Connect IQ that allows you to customize the watch face.

The Approach S60 is not only for Golf. It can be used also for other sports such as swimming, cycling, running, etc. and a variety of other features. The difference with other Garmin’s GPS watches is that the S60 comes with a touchscreen that allows you to view daily activities, the weather, distances of strokes, etc.   

        • Green view: this app allows you to view the actual shape of the green of your location on the course. If you have a blind spot, PinPointer tells you which direction where the pin is located . You can also view the elevation of the green.

        • Battery: the Approach S60 Golf GPS offers you in play mode 10 hours and up to 10 days of battery life in watch mode

       • Text and messages: The Approach S60 is compatible with smartphones. When you sync it with your smartphone.

        Garmin golf app: with this app allows you to compete on more than 40,000 leaderboards.

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        The Garmin Approach S60 is not really expensive.  The average price for which it is being sold for, $400 can be considered a bargain compared to the nice, sleek designs and many other features included that are not present in other Garmin watches.

        Bottom line, Overall, this is a fantastic watch that includes every feature that a professional golfer would desire from such a watch. The watch is pinpoint accurate. It provides very accurate slope adjustments. Besides all that it is also a full-blown smartwatch. Not only is it nice and sleek, but you can also, free of charge at the Garmin store, choose up to 1000 options to change the face.

     …It’s seemingly a great Golf GPS watch.