Optical Range Finders

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When playing in a large field, it is always necessary to learn how accurately far you are from your target. This is why range finders have been invented, so the sports fan can use it as the perfect tool for his activities. However, these things come in different varieties. The optical range finders are one of the options you can take a look at.

What is an optical range finder?
A monocular device used for measuring distances with the help of built in scales. This particular type of golfing tool is an essential for most players. It offers a lot of advantages making it a competitive option.

What’s so special about an optical range finder is that it is the most basic among the different types of these tools. Unlike the Laser and the GPS varieties, this one is the most cost effective. Some would even consider it “cheap” since it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Quality wise, you can also be sure that it’ll last for a good long time, especially if you managed to get a unit from a reputable manufacturing company.

Aside from its price, it also boasts of a lot of other advantages. One of the most notable is the fact that it doesn’t require any batteries to work. This further boosts its convenience and cost effectiveness since you don’t need to buy and lug around extra batteries just to power the device. Also, this makes it extra reliable. Since there’s no more need to worry about it not working in the middle of the game because it ran out of power.

Another great thing about it is that it is lightweight. This makes it more ideal since you don’t need to carry some extra weight around the course, giving you less hassles and worries.

The fact that it has built in scales makes it an even more competitive option as well. Unlike GPS range finders, you don’t need to bother downloading anything anymore. The scales will already give you the accurate mapping and coverage you need to further assess the course. Also, this also helps you save a little, since most downloadable maps tend to require fees or paid subscriptions.

Add to this the fact that optical range finders do not get easily confused by trees, branches, rain, or snow that lies in its path. This makes it extra helpful because you don’t have to worry about making extra calculations on your own just to remove the blockages on your shot’s course.

The only worry that you might find with this item is that you may need to learn how to skillfully use it. Some technicalities come with these range finders, but most of them are easy to deal with. Not being able to master the operation of the device wouldn’t stop you from using it. However, doing so will make things a lot easier.

Aside from golfing, optical range finders are also ideal for hunting. According to experts, these things are the most perfect tools for hunters since it is lightweight and accurate. If you play golf and hunt at the same time, this can be a very handy device for you. Just make sure to recalibrate it following the height of the animals first before you use it, so you can be sure that it will be an effective instrument for your game.