Left Handed Violin Tips

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Being left handed can often leave you disadvantaged if you wish to play the violin. As with many instruments, finding a suitable violin for a left hander can be a challenge but thankfully there are more on the market now than ever before.

Which Violin?

Choosing a violin that suits you is important. Left handers should not try and play regular violins but rather seek out one that is made for “lefties” only.

Many people argue that because the violin takes skill in both hands that using a left handed instrument won’t make a lot of difference. Some leftie guitarists use regular guitars whilst others can not quite get around this and tend to use only left handed guitars.

The movement of each hand is different, and generally if a right handed person tried to play a left-handed guitar they would be unable to – something that we must understand when it comes to left-handed players who may only be comfortable holding the bow in the left hand.

Orchestra Playing with Left Handed Violins

Another argument is that playing with a leftie violin means that orchestras will not accommodate you due to the seating logistics. Left players would be seated in the opposite direction to the other players and this is frowned upon by conductors.

Should You Swap?

If you are left handed then you will come across some criticism as far as using a different violin. Right handed players will tell you that many lefties simply learn to use the normal violin and whilst this is true of people who have been playing from a young age, it can be a little more difficult if you are picking up the instrument as an adult.

What Should You Do?

Using a violin that suits your particular style and comfort level si the way to go. You will enjoy playing at a home and in relaxed environments with a left handed guitar and many even find an orchestra that will cater to your set up.