It’s Time to Use Exercises For Golf Success

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Just spend some time on The Golf Channel, and watch the films of the U.S. Open or the Masters back in the 60’s and 70’s. You will see a big difference between the golfers of yesteryear and the golfers of today. First of all, a lot of them are actually smoking! Secondly, many of them are overweight or bear no resemblance to athletes, whatsoever. The golfer of today, with few exceptions (John Daly!), are fitter, trimmer, leaner, and are considerably more muscular. Exercises for golf are part of every professional golfer’s life.

Exercises for golf are not just important for professional golfers who are out on tour. In fact, they may be even more important for the casual, weekend golfer whose fitness level is lacking. But, be careful, there are a lot of personal trainers out there, working in your gym or golf club, that want to sell you on exercises for golf that are not appropriate for you.

Most people don’t think of golf as a “real” sport, and as such, they don’t equate fitness, strength, flexibility, and stamina with a controlled, long golf swing. But, it’s no secret that when a baseball or basketball player picks up golf, although they may not hit reliably, they can hit it far longer than the average golfer. This is, quite simply, because they are very strong.

You can be strong, too, and that is what is needed to be a successful, or at least a competent golfer for a lifetime. By adding strength to your upper body, you can swing the club faster, and thus see longer drives on a regular basis. By increasing the strength in your quadriceps, you can free your knees and ankles from taking the brunt of the load, and by increasing your flexibility, you will see more turn in your swing.